Wednesday, January 29, 2014


NOIZE Camp is an awesome camp that we were invited to go to at a local church. It is a singing and dancing church camp. This was Trenton’s first year to go and he loved it. They learn several songs and get to make new friendships. We took turns taking a dropping the kids off. The 1st graders got picked up mid day so I usually did the drop off on my way to the office.

Poor Brooklyn having to ride with these crazy boys!


Each grade level is a different color. 3rd Grade was pink & 1st Grade was purple. I promise they were excited to be there, just not excited to get their picture taken! They spray painted their hair all week and wore some pretty cool colorful gear!


Trenton in his purple gear ready to go praise the Lord!


We have the CD from this camp and we listen to it all of the time. There is nothing better than praise and worship music for kids. It is very upbeat and teaches them about God in a fun way. I can’t wait until we get to do it again next summer!

First Day of 1st Grade

Somehow in my crazy mind I managed to skip all things that happened in August, such as NOIZE camp and The first day of 1st Grade! This is what happens when life gets crazy and you are catching up on documenting!

Trenton loves, loves, loves his teacher Mrs. Ewer. She is new to the school & district, but will fit in nicely. She has a long teaching background and has such a joy for the kids. Her favorite color is green and her expectations are high for these little ones! I love that she holds them accountable and is making them responsible for their actions!

Trenton & Mrs. Ewer at Meet the Teacher night!


1st Day of 1st Grade

I never in my life thought I would let my child go to his first day of school in athletic shorts, but that is the style so who am I to stop him!


Trenton & Brooklyn (age 6)


Scott (8), Will (8), Trenton & Brooklyn


My sweet boy sitting at his desk. They all had individual badges with their name and information on it. How adorable is her classroom!! I just love how peaceful and calm it is!


Trenton had a great first day. He had a couple of friends in his class and it is a lot of fun to see him grow. I am glad I walked him inside. I honestly think I wanted to cry more this year than last year. I made sure to run the babies to school first and then get back so I could walk with him to school.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tooth Fairy Visit #1

Well Trenton lost his first tooth on September 10, 2013!! He was super excited because he lost it at school. When you lose your teeth at school they give you a REALLY cool treasure box to carry it home in. Well when you are 6 and excited you take your tooth out and show your friends. Which means you drop it in the grass, cannot find it, call Mom crying at work and then write the tooth fairy a note explaining!

None the less, my baby boy is growing up WAY TO FAST!

09 10

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Labor Day 2013

So my big camera is still not working. Now the button that you push to take pictures is magically missing. I am taking pictures with my phone which is becoming an epic fail! My parents planned this camping trip on the HOTTEST DAY in September! I mean it was H-O-T! The kids and I went without Gene. He had a FFL party or 2 that he had to be at. We made it one night and most of the next day before we headed home. I could not handle Peyton crying and not sleeping because she was hot.

My brother Joe brought his 2 small swimming pools for the kids. We all brought bikes, chairs, games and food! The kids played football and washers. They ran around, went on trails and there was even a small playground near our campsite! I was not about to sleep in a tent with my kids so I brought a blow up mattress and we had a cabin. Apparently my mattress was fancy because everyone was calling our cabin Hotel Flores. If I am going to camp, I am going to camp in style!

It was a lot of fun and can’t wait to do it again…when it is cooler!

collage 1

collage 2 Collage 3 collage 4

Sweet shot of my babies before school in their festive gear!

Trenton (6), Peyton (1) and Trace (2)


Peyton’s 1st Birthday

My how time has flown. Peyton turned 1 years old on July 19, 2013! I can hardly believe that we were blessed with such a perfect little girl and it has been a year ago! For Peyton’s 1st birthday I did it a little different than the boys. We were crunched on time since just coming back from vacation and the little ones were sick. We decided to do a family only party at Mom and Dad’s house. It was perfect. The big kids played on a water slide, Dad grilled and I did some minor details to the house!
Peyton is such a sweet, kind and smart little girl. I love that she is so much more calm than the boys ever were. She is fearless, but calm & compliant. Hopefully I can still say that when she is in her teens!
Gretchen made her cute little outfit for her!! You can still see the yucky signs of impetigo on her face. Bless her sweet little heart. She didn’t feel sick or act sick, but her infection was pretty bad.
Peyton and I actually spent her birthday weekend together without Daddy & the boys. They headed to Austin to watch Uncle Luis play. While they were gone we shopped and got Peyton’s ear pierced! She only cried for a second and hasn’t messed with them since!
1069406_10200688031777095_1061532923_n On to the party!
I did a WHO’s turning 1 theme!
My amazing sister Laurie made the cake and did a FABULOUS job as usual! I just send her my idea and she creates it. One day we will have our own business.
Marshmallow Pops
(a staple at all Flores parties)232323232-fp53283-nu=;74;-832-239-WSNRCG=3576-6848-32-nu0mrj  232323232-fp53739-nu=;74;-832-239-WSNRCG=3576-6848932-nu0mrj
Present time! Trace & Trenton were certainly not going to let her have all of the fun!
My kids are really no fun when it comes to smash cakes. I don’t know if I am just overly crazy with them about being clean, but NONE of them really dig into their cakes. She is still pretty sweet and enjoying it!  smash cake
And you cannot have a post without her sidekick being silly!